Sterling Heights MI


Sterling Heights, Michigan, is one of Detroit’s major suburbs located in Macomb County. As such, it is one of the central hubs for social activities and opportunities. If you’re thinking about moving to Michigan, Sterling Heights is an excellent choice.

Home Buying Guide for Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights is currently a seller’s market in terms of houses. That means there are more buyers than sellers at the moment and buyers must be competitive with offers to purchase a house. That is why homes sell for $208,500 on average, which is slightly above the national average.

Highlights of Living in Sterling Heights

This city boasts a low unemployment rate and a median household income of $60,000. Apart from that, residents also enjoy living in an area with the following:

  • Four-seasons: This area experiences all four seasons throughout the year. On average, the highest temperature in July is 81 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest in January is 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The area also experiences roughly 31 inches in rainfall each year.
  • Exceptional school system: Residents are provided with both public and private schools in the area. The private schools offer religious-based education.
  • Transportation options: Sterling Heights offers residents a bus route through town. However, if you would rather be in control of the driving, there are driver-safe roads leading in and out of the suburb.

Recreational Activities in Sterling Heights

Living in Sterling Heights means plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and social activities, of which there is an ample amount. For example, there is the movie theater, bars, restaurants, parks, museums and festivals throughout the year. Ski resorts and public golf courses are also just a short drive away.

Michigan boasts some of nature’s best amenities and residents are glad to live in the area to experience these aspects. The population of 132,631 would be sure to welcome you, and your family, to Sterling Heights.


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