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With beautiful natural areas, great shopping, a large variety of stylish standalone homes and a reputation for amazing education, Syracuse consistently ranks high in top spots for families. If you don’t mind some snowfall in winter, this city of approximately 660,000 is the perfect place to raise kids.

The Best Part of Syracuse: Low Home Costs

The median home price in Syracuse is $132,000. That’s almost $100,000 below the U.S. average of $225,000, making it easy to buy a home in this charming city. Compared to major New York metropolitan areas with median prices of $400,000–$800,000 or more, homes in Syracuse are a steal.

The costs are even better when considering the average annual wage in the city is close to $50,000. This gives one of the best price-to-value ratios in the state.

Other Syracuse, New York Highlights

The Perfect Travel Location

Syracuse isn’t exceptionally close to any one of New York’s attractions — New York City is a four-hour drive — but it’s within comfortable driving distance of virtually every desirable getaway spot in the state. Whether you want to see Niagara Falls, a Buffalo Bills game, stunning fall colors or the Big Apple, it’s all within a half a day’s journey.

Excellent Education

A big draw of Syracuse is its great schools. Plenty of highly rated public and private schools give parents lots of options when choosing the best K–12 education for their kids. Grads can attend the desirable Syracuse University, State University of New York or another of the 11 colleges in Syracuse, saving money by studying from home.

Great Wineries

Wine-tasting enthusiasts are in for a treat. Syracuse is close to the beloved Finger Lakes area with some of New York’s best wineries. Walk through beautiful vineyard greenery or laugh with friends while sipping delicious vintages.

Light Traffic

One of the most refreshing parts of living and working in Syracuse is the fast commute. Expect to enjoy a smooth drive of about 20 minutes from home to work. Not only does this mean you may decide to zip home for a tasty lunch, but it also means you get to spend more time with your family.


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