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Tacoma is a city that sits south of Seattle and serves as the county seat in Pierce County, Washington. It is named after Mount Rainier, which was originally referred to as Takhoma or Tahoma. Those looking to buy a home in this lovely city are likely to be very impressed with the enjoyable lifestyle made possible in Tacoma.

Living in Tacoma

Tacoma is not only known as one of the most livable places in the United States – but it has also been named one of the most walkable. Its crime rate is higher than average but varies depending on the area. The median income for a family is around $45,567, and the median resident age is 35.1. Gender distribution is almost perfectly even, with women making up 50.6% of the population. 213,418 people were estimated to live in Tacoma in 2017.

Tacoma School of the Arts is a public, arts-based school whose standards-focused instruction has paved the way for academics across the country. Two other non-traditional schools focused on science and math round out the city’s unusually dedicated academic offerings.

Public transportation is available in the city, but driving is the most common way of commuting. Ferries allow access to Tahlequah.

Highlights of Tacoma

Here are just a few of the benefits of living in Tacoma that residents enjoy:

  • Moderate temperatures year-round
  • Four months of below-average precipitation
  • Attractions such as the famous Museum of Glass, Point Defiance Park and the Tacoma Art Museum
  • The Stadium District
  • Washington State History Museum
  • Top employers such as Joint Base Lewis–McChord, which employs over 60,000 workers

A choice of hospitals is available to residents, all of which are run by either Franciscan Health System or MultiCare Health System. Residents also enjoy municipal garbage collection and a recycling program for plastics, metals, cardboard and paper. Electricity is provided by Tacoma Power, which is a division of Tacoma Public Utilities.


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