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The New Jersey capital city shows off its rich cultural history throughout the city, providing potential homeowners with a large number of options when looking for their dream home. Trenton, NJ, has a population of 85,000, though numerous suburbs boost that number to around 300,000.

Trenton was officially founded in 1792, though the area was involved in prominent U.S. historical events even before that. It even briefly served as the nation’s capital. Today, Trenton is a melting pot of great food, cool art and deep culture.

Highlights of the Housing Market in Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton has a buyer’s market that is very favorable for purchasing a home with all your must-haves. The city’s $100,000 median home price is almost 70 percent lower than other places in New Jersey, making it attractive for first-time homebuyers.

Trenton features a large number of charming townhomes and also has many standalone single-family homes. Top-rated neighborhoods to visit during home searches include Hiltonia, Berkley Square, The Island, and Cadwalader Heights.

Highlights of Life in Trenton

There are plenty of reasons that buying a home in Trenton can be an excellent decision:

  • Princeton University: Only 15 minutes from Princeton, New Jersey by car, Trenton provides an attractive housing option for homeowners with Princeton students. Easy access and lower housing costs make trips to see Princeton’s amazing architecture a major highlight.
  • Great walkability: If you like getting some exercise on your way to work or enjoy taking to the buildings and shops downtown by foot, this is a great place to do it.
  • Rich historical locations: Immediately after George Washington crossed the Delaware River, he led the Battle of Trenton against British troops. This victory in Trenton was a major turning point in the war for independence. The Declaration of Independence was even read for the first time in Trenton. History lovers can still visit these amazing sites.
  • Top foodie hub: Trenton is one of the top spots for foodies in the country — especially those who love pork rolls — thanks to its incredible culinary diversity. Finding mouthwatering restaurants is never a problem.


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