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The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a major cultural center and population hub of almost one million inhabitants. Its gleaming skyscrapers combined with a warm atmosphere, make it a popular place for families and single entrepreneurs alike.

Tulsa offers several beautiful backdrops, including the Arkansas River and the Ozark Mountains. Traveling southwest from Tulsa to Oklahoma City takes roughly two hours, and a trip to the stunning Ozark National Forest in Arkansas is about the same distance.

Is Tulsa, OK, a Good Place To Buy a Home?

Tulsa’s low cost of living, ample variety of homes and comfortable housing prices makes it an attractive place to purchase a home. Tulsa has a buyer’s market, which is generally more favorable to people looking to buy a house. For example, while the median listing price in the city is around $175,000, the average selling price is around $140,000. With da little help from a knowledgeable broker, it’s not hard to get a great deal on your home.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Tulsa?

Tulsa has numerous popular neighborhoods with expressive homes. Your final decision comes down to your budget, lifestyle and favorite surroundings. Here are a few highlights:

  • Stone Creek Farms: This area is famed for its nonexistent crime and excellent schools, making it popular for families with young children. Homes are warm and contemporary.
  • Maple Ridge Historic District: Vintage architecture, lots of art, tasty ethic cuisine and excellent education make this neighborhood eclectic and beloved.
  • Brookside: If living downtown is your thing, near all the hottest nightlife spots and live music, then Brookside is the place to be. Its townhomes and condos include minimalist, modern and industrial designs.
  • Garden District: Enjoying exquisite luxury, lush greenery and gorgeous vistas also carries a $599,000 median price tag
  • Cherry Street: There’s no better place in the city for foodies and art lovers. Theaters, amazing restaurants and Tulsa’s best craft microbreweries are all within walking distance.

Besides these neighborhoods, Tulsa’s suburbs also provide many homes in a more relaxed setting. All are famous for top-rated schools — Tulsa has over 150 great schools — fresh produce and friendly neighbors.

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