West Valley City UT


A suburb of Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Utah, is the second largest city in the state and is home to nearly 134,000 people. The area is comprised of four formally unincorporated areas, Redwood, Granger, Chesterfield, and Hunter, and is home to Maverik Center.

Things to Do in West Valley City

Residents of West Valley City can participate in a wide variety of activities. Sports fans especially love checking out the Utah Grizzlies, who host their ice hockey games at the Maverik Center. Hale Centre Theatre is a popular venue for concerts and plays, and Scales and Tails is an excellent family destination for those who love birds and reptiles. Other area attractions include the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Megaplex Theatres, and Valley Fair Mall.

Safety in West Valley City

West Valley City is safer than many other cities of similar size in the United States. Most reported crimes are of misdemeanors, such as vandalism or burglary, and there is only a 0.006% chance of being a victim of violent crime within city limits.

Education in West Valley City

West Valley City is part of the Granite School District, which houses 21 elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. It is also home to East Hollywood High School, a charter school that focuses on America Preparatory Academy curriculum and film education. Although there are no institutions of higher learning within city limits, there are many in neighboring towns and cities.

Buying a Home in West Valley City

The housing market in West Valley City is currently warm, which means it only slightly favors sellers over buyers. Currently, the median value of a home in the city is $301,100, while the median price of those currently listed is $285,000 (about $196 per square foot). Sales are on the rise and expected to climb about 7% by March 2020, and most homes spend about 62 days on the market.

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