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Yonkers, NY, is a city of approximately 200,000 inhabitants located two miles north of Manhattan on the Hudson River. Yonkers is sometimes called the “Sixth Borough,” but it’s not technically part of New York City. This medium-sized city is a haven for artists, art-lovers, and families wanting a laid-back alternative to Manhattan’s busy pace. Here are nine reasons Yonkers is the place to move to.

A buyer’s market

Potential homeowners may be shocked to see a median home listing price of roughly $500,000. However, the actual median for homes sold in Yonkers drops to $397,000. A buyer’s market — meaning there are more homes available than interested buyers — makes it easier to score a great price for the home you love.

Proximity to Manhattan

You don’t have to live in Manhattan to enjoy everything the New York hotspot has to offer. Yonkers is only two miles away.

Attractive architecture and shops

If strolling down cobblestone streets and checking out 1920s brick buildings sounds like your style, you’ll absolutely love Yonkers’ vintage backdrops.

Excellent safety rating

These days, Yonkers is ranked the fourth-safest city of its size in the U.S., making living here an excellent option for families with kids.

Great biking

From the Old Croton Trail’s historical spots to endless miles of trails into the surrounding forests, Yonkers is a dream for bikers, joggers and nature enthusiasts.

Exotic cuisine

Foodies are in for a treat. Mexican, Italian, Indian, Japanese and other authentic cuisine options await.

Cool culture

There’s no better way to spend summer days and nights in New York than by visiting the Hudson Museum or Riverfront Amphitheater to catch free concerts, live music, film festivals, and art showings.

Family-friendly activities

Kids and parents can make amazing memories together in Yonkers, whether it’s skating at the famous Murray’s Ice Rink or playing Frisbee at Redmond Park or Trevor Park.

Lots of green spaces

In addition to breathtaking views of the Hudson River, you’ll love the greenery at places such as Tibbetts Brook Park and Untermyer Gardens. Lush greenery, theme gardens, and perfect solitude guarantee instant relaxation.

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